About Us

About Us

RH EDIBLE Oils , was established in Villupuram, Tamil Nadu. We serve customers all over India and guarantee excellent quality products.

We pride ourselves at having healthy working environment. We specialize in processing groundnutoil from groundnuts. Groundnutoil is also known as peanut oil and arachis oil. The extraction of oil from seeds is done by traditional & organic cold processing to maintain its originality. We are one of the popular suppliers of pure groundnutoil from Indian market.

We have well equipped infrastructure, which is upgraded from time to time. We have installed all necessary machines and equipment to facilitate the manufacturing process. These machines and equipment are long lasting in performance and assists us in completing large orders within the stipulated time frame. Our team of technical experts give due attention to the regular maintenance of these machines. It helps us keep them well performing and smooth functioning.

Rh Edible oils

Cholesterol Levels - Unlike many other vegetable oils, peanut oil is actually free of any cholesterol, which is one of the major contributing factors to complicated heart conditions such as atherosclerosis, which is basically clogging of the arteries. Since cooking oil is used in many different ways, eliminating this dangerous cholesterol from your body can help prevent a variety of health complications. Furthermore, not only does peanut oil lack cholesterol, it can actually reduce your current levels of cholesterol due to the presence of plant sterols. These phytosterols actually compete for cholesterol absorption in the stomach and gut, which can lower your cholesterol levels by 10-15%! more - Click Here
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